We are a Spanish couple who has been living in United Kingdom for the last 5 years. Because of our passion for travelling, we have visited lots of places in this country which cannot be found in any travel guide, but most importantly, we have lived lots of fantastic experiences that we will keep forever. Throughout this time, we have seen how unique everyone is, thus, seeing the true identity of the country. We have understood what is really to discover and understand a country and the tiny things that make a trip special and unforgettable. This mixed with our undoubted knowledge of Spain has resulted in Britaniards. A quick and easy guide to make the most of your trip, wherever and whenever you are visiting our country.


The tips we give in this website suits people who enjoy the freedom in their trips rather than holiday packages. We understand that travelling is not just waking up early to catch a tour bus, being surrounded by other tourists with their own agenda, following a predetermined map, or even a timed schedule. Therefore, we want to show you the real Spain and we want you to experience life as another Spaniard for the time you are spending here. Everybody has their own tastes and we want to tailor this trip to you - we are not trying to be inquisitive!

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