A CORUÑA a beach spot with a great cultural life and a nice dinning scene. The light house Torre de Hércules (Hercules tower) has been the spectator of the development of the city since the 1st century. 

Iconic dish

As Galicia is the home of the best sea food in Spain, ask for a Mariscada (variety of sea food). Octopus is also a main dish. 

In the city

Visit Castillo de San Antón (San Anton Castle) and Maria Pita Museum, house of the heroines of Galicia.


Eiris park great place with swings.

 Rua EstrellaRua Olmos, Rua Galera and Rua Franja makes a long street where the best thing you can do is eat and drink! 

Charge your batteries

Cabo Finisterre, meant to be the end of the Earth and also the beaches in the Rias (estuaries).

Outside the city

During the entire month you will be able to enjoy a visit to the Casa de las Ciencias where planetarium and three exhibition plants: physical experiments, temporary exhibition and scientific news are waiting for you.

May  events
April  events

Between The 14th and 21st the entire village of Ferrol surround itself with tradition and culture of the Holy Week.

The city has its own international airport, close airports are located in Santiago de Compostela and Vigo. We recommend to spend 2 days here (more if you enjoy the beach). 

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