ALMERIA​ has a stunning Moorish Alcazaba perfectly merged with the spectacular tapas and dining scene hosted in the city. In the region you will find stunning beaches and the wild National Park of Cabo de Gata. Virgin beaches, dunes, hills and an immense sea life make of Almeria the perfect place to spend your holidays. An interesting fact is that the vast land covered by green houses, called the plastic sea, is one of the few things seen from the space. 

Iconic dish

Gurullos con conejo (pasta with rabbit)

In the city

Visit the Subterranean system of concrete air-raid shelters used during the Spanish Civil War. Location.


Oasys MiniHollywood, a theme park recreating American Wild West. Bear in mind that some of the most important Hollywood western movies have been shot in this desert. Web site.

The streets of Calle Real and Calle Jovellanos are a must to enjoy the delicious Spanish Food, we recommend Tortillería La Mala where Spanish omelette is the star, and Casa Puga. If you are enjoying a day in the beach any of the chiringuitos (restaurants by the sea side) will offer a massive range of fresh fish.

Charge your batteries

National Park of Cabo de Gata where nature and virgin beaches mix perfectly. Bear in mind the access to the beaches in some cases are by foot (walking distance) because car parkings might not be in the beach. Playa de los Muertos is our favourite and will become yours too.

Outside the city

Between the 26th and 28th head to the Sala Chaman in Nijar to enjoy a weekend of live music from international and national DJs all of that surrounded by the stunning nature of the Park of Cabo de Gata.


Between the 14th and 21st the entire city is cover in tradition and passion for the Semana Santa where over twenty sororities participate in the celebration of Jesus Christ death and resurrection.

April  events

Although Almería has its own international airport the volume of flights is low. In case you cannot find direct flights, check Malaga airport which is couple of hours driving from the city. We consider renting a car the best option if you want to discover the region. We recommend to spend 1 day in the city and 4-5 days discovering the region. 

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