BURGOS has one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals in Spain and it is well know to have the best black pudding. 

Iconic dish

Popular awarded as the best black pudding in Spain, Morcilla de Burgos.

In the city

Visit Mirador del Castillo (next to the castle) for the best views.


Museum of the Human Evolution and Museo del Libro (museum of books), first written expressions to the most popular books in the history.

Charge your batteries

The areas surrounded by Calle Sombreria and Calle San Lorenzo offers a variety of bars and restaurants. 

Outside the city

Places such as Lagunas de Neila with some great landscapes covered by water due to the big number of lakes in this area.


May events

On the 25th you will be able to enjoy the Noche en Blanco around the entire city where every museum and cultural reference will be open during night-time for your enjoyment.

April events

Between the 14th and 21st the entire city celebrates the traditional Semana Santa with different parades around the city celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Additional information

This city is less than 3 hours from by train from Madrid or Santander and less than 2 ours from Bilbao. We recommend to spend 1 day in Burgos.