CIUDAD REAL charm resides in the peace and tranquillity you find in there, perfect for distress yourself from the routine. The cheese and wine in Ciudad Real province are some of the best ones in Spain.

Iconic dish

Queso Manchego (cheese) Pisto Manchego (mix of veggies with egg).

In the city

Visit Museo del Quijote (Quixote's Museum).


Escape from the heat, go to Playa Park the aquatic park of the city. For something more didactic hit the road and head to Parque Minero de Almaden and be a miner for a day. 

Charge your batteries

Nice restaurants and bars in the neighbourhoods of Barrio La Juderia, Barrio de la Moreria and Barrio El Perchel. For tapas we recommend Orosia and Carmen Carmen.

Outside the city

One of the stops in Don Quixote route, Campo de Criptana where you can enjoy the fantastic views of the traditional windmills. 


May events

Between the 7th and 9th you can enjoy the Wine Fair Fenavin where wines and beverages of Spanish origin are presented here before a qualified public at the Ciudad Real fairgrounds.

April events

From the 14th and 21st you can enjoy the celebrations of the Holy Week where the entire city celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ where tradition, culture and religion perfectly mix together.

Additional information

This city is 90 mins from Madrid and 2h away from Seville and the sunny Andalucia, both of these destinations by train.We recommend to stay one day here.

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