CUENCA​ is synonym of Casas Colgadas (hanged houses). These mix perfectly with the narrow streets surrounding the charming city where there is also space for stunning modern architecture.

Iconic dish

Morteruelo (a stew of pig liver and pork meat with species and bread mixed).

In the city

Visit Barrio del Castillo for a stunning view of the city. 


Visit the bears of El Parque del Hosquillo.

Calle San Francisco, in the city centre, is the heart of the tapas bars in Cuenca. The area surrounded by the Cathedral has also tapas options. The  surrounds itself with tapas bars.

Charge your batteries

The historic village of Alarcon, where the castle, first one built in the Emirate of Cordoba, and the river Jucar blend in harmony.

Outside the city

Until the 2rd you can pay a visit to the Museo de Cuenca to enjoy a beautiful exhibition by the artist Oscar Pinar, painter who toured the province painting the landscapes of the area from town to town.

May  events

From the 14th until the 21st the entire city celebrates the Semana Santa where tradition and religion mix to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

April  events

Cuenca is 1 hour and a half from Madrid. We recommend spending two days in Cuenca to enjoy the whole architecture and history of the city and its great dinner scene.

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