GIJON​ has been shaped by the sea. The city has a maritime heritage embodied in the old fishermen's quarter, the Cimavilla neighbourhood. In addition, the nature surrounds the city and the main beach of the city is a great place for water sports.

Iconic dish

Fabada Asturiana (white beans stew), Bollo Preñao (Bread silled with chorizo) and Sidra (cider).

In the city

Walk along Playa de San Lorenzo, the main beach of the city.


Playa de Poniente (poniente beach) with swings in the beach. The low tide release the rocks where small crabs play around, good entertainment for the little ones.  


Charge your batteries

The best tapas area surrounds Plaza del Carmen. Our recommendations are La posada del Mar and Dosmasuno.

Outside the city

We recommend  La Sauceda, a restaurant 1h by car, where to enjoy traditional local food. The location is perfect to discover lots of charming small towns throughout the journey and take a bath in the sea.

May events

On the 2nd head to the Teatro Jovellanos to enjoy a beautiful live music concert from the amazing Orchestra of Asturias. The perfect plan to discover not only the traditional music of the area but also a tribute to the most iconic Hollywood composers.

April events

From the 13th till the 22nd the entire city is cover in traditional religious and cultural art to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ during the Holy Week. 

Additional information

The Asturias airport is less than one hour. Bilbao and Santander airports might be also good options to reach this region. We recommend to spend 1 day here, 5-6 days if you like to discover the province of Asturias and their beaches.