GUADALAJARA blends perfectly the flat landscape with the mountains surrounded by the city. A stroll by River Tajo and the bridges will evade you from civilisation and make you travel back in history. Guadalajara has a great dinner scene where you can end your day.

Iconic dish

Harinosas (grape pie).

In the city

Visit El Palacio del Infantado is a must and Palacio de la cotilla with its Chinese room.


The Zoo of Guadalajara might be an excellent option for kids and adults.

The main restaurants and bars are gathered in the city centre. Our recommendations are El Perdigacho and Taberna Gallega Celtigos

Charge your batteries

Sigüenza, this is a beautiful medieval village full of stunning architecture and art will blow your mind. The perfect place to get lost and relax.

Outside the city

Head to the Museo de Guadalajara offers an anthropological survey of the concepts of life, death and religiosity since Palaeolithic times to the 20th century.

May  events

Until the 2nd you head to the village of Atienza where the Iron Throne is waiting for you to feel like the king and queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

April events

Guadalajara is really well connected with Madrid (around one hour). We recommend spending 1 day here and 2-3 if you want to discover Sigüenza and the rest of the province.

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