HUELVA​ is a small port city close to the Atlantic Ocean, from where Christopher Columbus started his trip that ended up with the discovery of America. The region of Huelva has some of the longest sand beaches in Spain where to get a tan and spend hours with friends and family.

Iconic dish

Gambas (prawn), chocos (cuttlefish), jamón de Jabugo (Spanish Ham).

In the city

Visit Barrio Obrero, a borough formed by houses with different architecture styles such as German or Austrian.


Visit the natural swimming pools in Cañaveral de León, a natural pool with beautiful views of the Sierra de Aracena

In the city centre of Huelva, Bar PapisAzabache and El Tapeito. Do not hesitate to try any restaurant you may fancy as usually prices are affordable in this city.

Charge your batteries

La Alpujarra is an area of the region where to enjoy the insanely beautiful views of Sierra Nevada (highest ring of mountains in Spain), and PampaneiraBubión andBusquistar are some of our recommended towns to visit.

Outside the city
May  events

During the entire month you can pay a visit the stunning Dolmen de Soto in Trigueros one of the most important megalithic monuments discovered in the area.

From the 14th until the 21st you will be able to enjoy the stunning Holy week in Huelva where the entire city celebrates the Christ's passion with different parades, sororities and religious art.  A wonderful traditional moment to live in you are in Spain at the time. 

April  events

The closest airport is Sevilla Airport just 50 mins drive or El Faro, Portugal from around 1 hour drive. We recommend to spend 1 day in Huelva city and 2-3 days enjoying the region. 

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