LEON is a beautiful city which combines historical architecture with new buildings. Its standout attraction is the cathedral, one of the most beautiful in Spain.

Iconic dish

Cecina de Leon (cow meat) and Morcilla de Leon (Black pudding puree).

In the city

Visit Casa Botines which was constructed by Gaudi and Museum of contemporary art where to enjoy also the beautiful outside building. 


Cuevas de Valporquero is a great place to spend a day with the kids discovering the mysteries of the caves. From 10 am to 6pm everyday until the 30th of September. 

Charge your batteries

El barrio Humedo is probably one of the best areas to enjoy free tapas and see how the Spanish people enjoy life.

Outside the city

Peñalba de Santiago is a tiny charming town considered one of the most beautiful in the region, come and discover why.

May events

Until the 26th you can pay a visit to the MUSAC to enjoy the first exhibition tribute to Chana Horwitz, which gathers around 60 pieces belonging to the main groups of works produced by Horwitz from the early 60's until his death.

April events

Between the 14th and 21st the entire city celebrates the Holy Week where tradition and religion mix to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Additional information

This city is 2h:30mins from Madrid by train and 1h:30mins from Oviedo by bus. We recommend to spend 2 days in the city, preferably during a weekend, and 4-5 discovering the region.