MALAGA is the region that constitute the well known La Costa del Sol, the sun's coast in Spanish. The city has a stunning architecture, a beautiful cathedral and narrow streets full of bars and tapas mixed with the Mediterranean sea and a perfect night scene. In addition, Malaga is Picasso's hometown, the city breaths art in every corner, full of museums and galleries. 

Iconic dish

Espeto de sardinas (grilled sardines in a stick)

In the city

Visit Picasso Museum which is a restored 16th-century palace with a collection of more than 200 works by artist Pablo Picasso. The port of Málaga has some amazing yachts and wander the streets of Paseo del Muelle Uno and Paseo de la Farola might be a good option to spend the evening.


Visit Centro de Ciencia Principia where the little ones can enjoy a day learning astrology and science. 

 The city centre of Málaga is the best place to find restaurants, tapas bars and clubs. El Pinpi, El Tapeo de Cervantes or La Campana, are great options to enjoy typical Spanish food.

Charge your batteries

Ronda is a mountaintop city that’s set dramatically above a deep gorge and it is an absolute must. Puerto Banús is one of the poshest ports in Spain, huge yachts and a nice beach is waiting for you here to spend the day or the night due to the big amount of bars and clubs.

Outside the city
May  events

During the entire month you can pay a visit to the Museo Interactivo de la Musica where you will be able to enjoy not only the history of music, but also experiment and play the instruments display in the museum. The perfect plan for young and old.

From the 14th until the 21st you will be able to enjoy the stunning Holy week in Malaga where the entire city celebrates the Christ's passion with different parades, sororities and religious art.  A wonderful traditional moment to live in you are in Spain at the time. 

April events

The city has its own international airport and great links with Madrid, just 2 hours and a half away by train. We recommend to spend 1-2 days in the city and 6-7 days enjoying the beaches of La Costa del Sol and its night scene.

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