MERIDA is the capital of Extremadura and was once the capital of the Roman Empire of Lusitania. Its essence lives in this city as it has the largest extension of Roman ruins in Spain. Go for a walk in this city becomes a beautiful trip to the past.

Iconic dish

Torta del Casar (cheese), Cordero a la Extremeña (lamb).

In the city

Walk along River Guadiana where to have a nice break from the city and visit La Alcazaba, the oldest Muslim fortification in the Iberian Peninsula.


A good plan for the small ones is to breath some fresh air near to the river in a park called Siete sillas

Charge your batteries

The best area to eat in Merida is the old city where you will find plenty of restaurants and tapas bar. We recommend La Tahona and Bar Sagasta 9 to enjoy delicious Spanish food. 

Outside the city

This city belongs to Badajoz so we recommend to visit our Badajoz and Caceres section.

May events

On the 25th at 8pm head to the Palacio de Congresos to enjoy the wonderful Russian musical Leyendas Cosacas, where the traditional Russian dances and its culture is the true star and a mix of feeling will melt you heart.

April events

The wonderful Holy Week of Merida is happening between the 14th and 21st of the month and it is an absolute must if you are on and about as the entire city celebrates with tradition and music the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Additional information

Merida is only 45 km away from the domestic Badajoz airport. The closest international airports are in Sevilla, Madrid and Lisbon. We recommend to spend 2 days here to enjoy the architecture and secrets of the Roman city.