OVIEDO​ is a sophisticated city that blends the modern and busy shopping streets with the old buildings from the medieval era. 

Iconic dish

Fabada Asturiana (white beans stew), Bollo Preñao (Bread silled with chorizo) and Sidra (cider).

In the city

Visit Cristo del Naranco to get one of the best views of the city. Have you ever seen in a church reconverted into a skate park before?. Formula 1 Fan? next to the reconverted church find Fernando Alonso Museum.


Palacio de los Niños (Children's Palace), where the kids can enjoy tons of different activities.

Vinoteo, city centre restaurant. Arriondas is a small town with two Michelin Star restaurants, take the car and hit the road!

Charge your batteries
Outside the city

Lagos de Covadonga, this glacial lakes will not fail to astonish you.

On the 21st head to the Teatro Campoamor to enjoy the stunning Dance Festival of Oviedo where
the French choreographer with Algerian roots Hervé Koubi invites us to a dream journey through a tribute to the forgotten barbarian peoples that has its reason for being in the history of the Mediterranean basin.

May  events

From the 14th till the 21st the entire city celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ with cultural parades, traditional food and stunning religious art during the Holy Week

April events

The city has its own "international airport". Santander and Bilbao airports might be also good options. We recommend to spend 2 days and more if you enjoy food and nature. 

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