PALENCIA boasts a stunning Gothic cathedral, really pretty squares and a colonnaded main pedestrian street surrounded by shops.

Iconic dish

Grilled lamb (Asado de Cordero Churro) and river crabs.

In the city

Cristo del Otero and get some of the most beautiful views of the city and  Museum of the Water where to get a much better understanding of the importance of this element.


El Sotillo de los Canonigos nice park that host the public swimming pools. 

La mejillonera, El trompicon with an affordable price and La Traserilla.

Charge your batteries

Fuentes Carrionas is a natural park made by a large mountain range, with jagged peaks reaching over 2,500 metres above sea level, and its cliffs and deep valleys, home to glacial lakes.

Outside the city

During the entire month head to the Museo Arqueologico which funds are divided between two floors with several rooms each and presents an excellent collection of pieces that include Prehistory, the Celtiberian Culture, Roman Hispania, and the Middle Ages.

May  events

Between the 14th and 21st the entire city celebrates the traditional Holy Week where parades and procession surround the city with the cultural and religious celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

April events

Palencia is just 90 mins from Madrid by train and we recommend to spend 1 day here. 

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