PONTEVEDRA is a riverside city that combines history, culture and style into a lively base for exploring the Rías Baixas. 

Iconic dish

Lacon con grelos (pork meat with turnip greens), octopus and seafood. 

In the city

Museo Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus museum), where different theories about his origin are explained


Wander Illa as esculturas. Park created on an island in the middle of the city.

Charge your batteries

Santa Clara specialised in delicious seafood rice and tapas. Eirado da Leña fusion between traditional Spanish food with the modern cuisine.

Outside the city

Ria de Pontevedra (Pontevedra estuary) and the towns surrounding it such as San Xenxo, beach spot crowded in summer.

May events

Until the 4th of May you will be able to enjoy the celebration of the ITU Multisport World Championschips 2019, contest during which 5 world championships of various disciplines will be played; Duathlon, Cros Triathlon, Acuatron, Aquabike and Long Distance Triathlon.

April events

Between the 14th and 21st head to the village of Paradela and enjoy the celebration, which is a religious act, is both liturgical and secular, combining theatre as a form of expressing the Passion, and religion as a profound feeling of the faithful. 

Additional information

30 mins from Santiago by train. Good connected with A Coruña and Vigo. Spend 1 day to discover the city and 3-4 days if you want to discover the estuaries and beaches.