SALAMANCA is the University Spanish city par excellence with plenty of stunning monuments and two cathedrals in one.

Iconic dish

Hornazo (meat pie) and Jamon de Guijuelo (Spanish ham from Guijuelo).

In the city

Wander Barrio del Oeste (West neighbourhood to discover amazing street art and visit Casa Lis (Art Deco Museum). Salamanca is one of the best places for partying and have different nightlife styles. The most alternative one is the area surrounding Calle Varillas.


Try to find the astronaut in one of the carvings at the main door of the cathedral and the frog at the University.

Charge your batteries

To eat cheap tapas Calle Van Dyck. Recommended restaurants La Aldaba and Casa Paca

Outside the city

Nature and waterfalls such as Pozo de los Humos and beautiful towns like La Alberca. If you want to do some exercise while discovering the beautiful landscapes, rent a kayak and paddle Tormes River might be a good option

May events

During the entire month you will be able to enjoy the exhibition El capricho de la idea at the Sala de exposiciones Santo Domingo de la Cruz.

April events

Between the 14th and 21st the entire city celebrates the Semana Santa with different parades around the city celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Additional information

Just 90 mins away from Madrid by train. If you are looking for party we recommend to spend between 3-4 days (Sept-June, University period). 2-3 days should be enough for a more relaxed option.