SANTANDER is a beautiful city with beautiful beaches and stunning fishing ports. In addition of great festivities in every village during mainly the summer season. 

Iconic dish

Cocido montañes (white bean stew), anchoas (anchovies) and rabas (squid).

In the city

Walk along Paseo Pereda. For a longer walk (around an hour) try to reach Palacio de la Magdalena.


Forestal park Santander enjoy zip lines and other activities.

Charge your batteries

The area that surrounds Calle Peña Herbosa and Calle Daoiz y Velarde is plenty of options to eat and drink.

Outside the city

Fuente De, where a cable car will carry you to one of the most amazing views at 2000m height. It also offers towns such as Potes, a charming small town in the middle of the mountains. Last but not least, Caves of Altamira famous for its parietal cave paintings.

May events

During the entire month you will be able to enjoy a guided visit by boat at the Ria de Cubas. An hour and a half route surrounded by nature in the stunning area of the north of the country.

April events

Until the 7th head to Suances to enjoy the Jornadas Gastronomicas at different restaurants of the area where you will be able to enjoy different food from the north of the country and special dishes created for the occasion.

Additional information

The city has its own international airport, other options are Asturias and Bilbao airports. We recommend to spend 2-3 days here (more if you enjoy the beach).