SEVILLA is the city where art blends together with gothic architecture, mudejar palaces, catholic churches and medieval architecture. Its magical buildings such as La Giralda or the stunning Plaza de España, are a dream for the eyes. In Sevilla you will feel the real Spain as this city is synonym of Flamenco and bullfights.  

Iconic dish

Gazpacho (tomato soup), Cocido Andaluz (beans and chickpeas mixed with beef and pork), Huevos a la Flamenca (eggs, Spanish ham and veggies).

In the city

Visit La Maestranza to see the bull ring and learn more about this ancestral Spanish tradition in the museum located inside. Click here for more info. An original way to discover the city is in a boat from the river Guadalquivir. Click here for more info. Another option is to see the city from one of the multiple horse carriages that you can find in the city.


Visit Centro de Ciencia Principia where the little ones can enjoy a day in the forest with different activities like zip-lines might be a good option for adults and kids. Click here for more info and bear in mind that there is no public links to this place. ay learning astrology and science.


Charge your batteries

The Borough of Triana have great places such as AltozanoSalomón, Bar Blanca Paloma and Bar Volapie. Near La Maestranza (bull fight stadium) and La Giralda, Antonio RomeroAntonio Romero GamazoTaberna Coloniales and Bodegas Santa Cruz. Not far from Santa Justa train station Puerta Osario and Casa Eme.

Outside the city

Italica, the first Roman city of Hispania (Spain in the Roman empire), where you can find the remaining of a city from that period.

May events

During the entire month you can pay a visit to the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art which has develop a program of activities that seeks to promote the study and promotion of international contemporary artistic creation in its most varied expressions.April events

From the 14th until the 21st you will be able to enjoy the stunning Holy week in Sevilla where the entire city celebrates the Christ's passion with different parades, sororities and religious art.  A wonderful traditional moment to live in you are in Spain at the time. 

Additional information

The city has its own international airport and great links with the capital of the country only 2 and a half hours by train. We recommend to spend 2-3 days in the city. .