TARRAGONA is a charming city where Roman history collides with beaches, bars and food. All these within the medieval centre, flanked by a towering cathedral with Romanesque and Gothic touch.

Iconic dish

Romanescada (fish and Romanesca sauce).

In the city

See the fisher boats coming back into the El Serrallo port usually on Friday afternoon while enjoying a beer in a terrace.


Visit Museu de les mines de Bellmunt del Priorat and feel what is to be in a real mine. 

El Llagut with excellent mediterranean food and La Xarxa great fish in the fisher neighbourhood. 

Charge your batteries

This region offers: the Roman aqueduct Pont del diable (Devil's bridge). 

Outside the city

Between the 5th and 19th you will be able to enjoy the stunning festival Tarraco Viva, a theatre festival where the Roman past of the city is recreated.

May  events

Between the 14th and 22nd the entire city celebrates the Holy Week where different parades and sororities celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ mixing culture, religion and tradition.

April  events

The city is just two hours from Alicante, Valencia and Madrid by train. We recommend to spend one day here and couple if you visit the region. 

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