TOLEDO is one of the most beautiful cities of the country. You will find yourself surrounded by architecture from the times where Muslims, Jews and Catholics coexisted, a delight for the eyes! In addition, the city is blended perfectly with the river Tajo, Making of Toledo a fairy tale.

Iconic dish

Cochifrito (pork)

In the city

 Walk around the city and cross to the other side of the river (there is a small boat) to get the most stunning view of Toledo, Mirador del Valle. To know more about El Greco, visit Iglesia de Santo Tome and see the famous painting The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.


A different way to visit a city, a trip in a touristic train departing from Plaza Zocodover which goes around the city.

Charge your batteries

In Calle Santa Fe and Calle del Comercio where there are bars at each side of the street. Our recommendations are Bar Ludeña and its carcamusas (pork) and El Trebol with their typical bomba (potato filled with meat).

Outside the city

Consuegra a charming town where the view of the castle and windmills of Don Quixote mixed with the sunset is an image you will ever forget. 

May events

During the entire month you will be able to enjoy a free visit to the stunning Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca where you will discover the art of the Jews time in Toledo and how it is been conserved.

April events

Between the 14th and 22nd you can enjoy the traditional Semana Santa of Toledo where the entire city celebrates the Holly Week with different parades and religious cultural events.

Additional information

The city is located less than one hour away from Madrid. It's perfect for a one day trip if you are staying in the capital. Anyway, we recommend 2 days here.