ZAMORA has been labelled as 'Romanesque Museum' due to all the Romanesque churches in the city and it is one of the best places in Spain to enjoy Semana Santa (Eastern).

Iconic dish

Arroz a la Zamorana (rice with products from the pig slaughter). This is a traditional farmers dish.

In the city

Semana Santa Museum a great museum where you can understand how important is Easter and the religious parades in Zamora. If you are looking for a demonstration of how colourful and fresh is the Spanish food, Mercado de Abastos will demonstrate it.


The Natural Park of Sanabria is the perfect place to enjoy the nature and have a bath in the lake, weather permitting. 

Between Calle Santa Clara and Calle San Torcuato you can find the best places for tapas. Los caprichos de Meneses our recommended restaurant.

Charge your batteries

A massive dam in Almendra with stunning views.

Outside the city

Until the 19th you will be able to enjoy the photo exhibition Tipos Zamoranos at the Museo Etnografico where the display of photographs from the 70s make you travel in time to the area and its people.

May  events

Between the 11th and 21st the entire city celebrates one of the most important Semana Santa of the country where tradition, culture and religion perfectly mix to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. An absolute must to everyone.

April events

Zamora is just 90 mins away from Madrid by train. We recommend to spend 1 day here and 2-3 discovering the region. 

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